""It’s great to see how our children work in class so we can keep teaching consistently at home.""
Year 3 parent attending Maths workshop

Breakfast Club

During the school term we operate a Breakfast Club from 8:00am, to support working parents. This is a free service,  for children in Years Reception - Year 6, where they will have the opportunity to play games and carry out fun activities, supported by our staff members.

If you are keen for your child to attend from 8:00 am and your child is in Reception to Year Six, please email

breakfastclub@stanthonys.slough.sch.uk with your child name and class, to sign them up.

Children can arrive at the Stafford Avenue gate at 8:00 am promptly and will go straight to the canteen, until the rest of their class arrives, when they will be escorted to their classrooms.