""It’s great to see how our children work in class so we can keep teaching consistently at home.""
Year 3 parent attending Maths workshop

Catholic Life

We, as a school, are committed to supporting our children with their personal journey of faith. 


The Catholic Life of the school is at the heart of all we do at St. Anthony's. It underpins our daily routines, our practices, policies and our procedures.

Children engage in daily prayer at key times of the day and participate in daily reflection with their peers.

We promote the importance of the pupils' relationship with God. The children know they are loved and know that all staff care deeply about their wellbeing and their love of learning.

We follow the Liturgical Calendar and observe saints' feast days and holy days. Through this observance, children have the opportunity to explore and nurture their spirituality and their core beliefs and values. Children develop understanding of the Catholic traditions and other faith traditions.