""It’s great to see how our children work in class so we can keep teaching consistently at home.""
Year 3 parent attending Maths workshop

Year 3

In Year 3 the children move up to Key Stage 2 and are introduced to a range of new learning.


Moving into Key Stage 2, alongside the curriculum subjects, the children are introduced to learning French, where children learn through stories, songs, puzzles, short films, competitions and of course the inevitable grammar lessons. In Year 3 they cover the beginnings of the language, learning greetings, numbers, dates, games and French songs and poems.

Children in Year 3 also have the opportunity to learn how to play the viola in their music lessons, as well as having the chance to learn a range of other instruments, through weekly music lessons.

Throughout the year the children have a range of practical learning opportunities linked to their topic work. They will visit the National Gallery, Chiltern Open Air Museum, The Natural History Museum, Kew Gardens and Verulamium Museum in St Albans, as well as having a range of visitors in school to support their learning.

In their Creative Curriculum the children learn about the Celts, Romans, Judaism, The Farnham Road, Passover to Eucharist, Keep Smiling, Over our Head and Under our Feet and the National Gallery.

Our Curriculum Plan gives details of the areas of study and topics to be covered throughout the year.

Curriculum Map - Lent Term

Year 3 Curriculum Overview

Homework Planner

Year 3 - Advent Term