""The general feeling of the school was lovely. It feels calm and content. All displays were well maintained.""
Teacher, visiting from a Multi Academy Trust

Year 4

Year 4 children have the opportunity to study a wide range of creative topics.


In Year 4 our Cross Curricular subjects include Cornwall, the Nativity story, Egyptians, Journeys, the Vikings and natural disasters. There are many specific skills taught and learnt including, looking at geographical features, map work and chronology of history using timelines.

At the start of the year the children's first topic is all about Cornwall where they have the chance to 'explore' this beautiful county. We then move onto our second topic which is the Nativity. It includes the opportunity to take part in a Christmas production, where all the children take on a vital role as we retell the famous tale.

Later in the academic year the children have the chance to learn about historical figures such as Tutankhamun, Christopher Columbus and St Nicholas whilst studying the Egyptians and journeys. They have experienced life from different times and cultures by taking part in activities such as our exciting Egyptian day and Viking workshop. These are supported by using a range of medias and styles such as outside artists, drama, ICT and independent research.

At the end of each topic, children have the opportunity to develop their skills and interests by taking part in golden activities. The activities allow the children to express themselves in a more personal way. They have made some fantastic pieces of work by planning, executing and evaluating independently.

Our Curriculum Plan gives details of the areas of study and topics to be covered throughout the year.

Year 4 Curriculum Overview

Homework Planner

Year 4 - Advent Term