""It’s great to see how our children work in class so we can keep teaching consistently at home.""
Year 3 parent attending Maths workshop

Year 2

In our creative curriculum, Year 2 have focused on a number of different topics.


At the start of the year the children follow the theme of ‘Myself’, using the book ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ as a learning tool. The children are given the opportunity to reflect on how they change as they grow. In our second topic of the Advent term, they think about ‘Safety’, specifically fire safety, and focus our learning about ‘The Gun powder plot’.

In the Lent term we learn about ‘Castles’ where children are given the opportunity to visit Windsor Castle for their school trip. We follow this with our ‘African’ topic, where the children take part in a drumming workshop and learn about the different cultures or traditions in Africa. During this topic the children have the opportunity to create some art work focusing on African patterns with our African workshops.

Our final topic for the year is ‘Seasides in the UK’, where the children learn how seaside towns have changed and where beaches are in the UK.

During the second part of the year the children have the wonderful opportunity to take their learning outside and explore the environment, from building African buildings, going on a mini beast hunt and map work including using a key. During outdoor learning a number of numeracy lessons are enjoyed. The children learn about capacity using watering cans and 1 litre jugs and measure the different lengths of items in the playground with metre sticks.

Our Curriculum Plan gives details of the areas of study and topics to be covered throughout the year.

Curriculum Map - Lent Term

Year 2 Curriculum Overview

Homework Planner

Year 2 - Advent Term