Year 6

In Year 6 we are dedicated to making the children’s final year challenging, so that they are able to move onto secondary school with the skills to be successful in Year 7 and beyond.


During the first term back, in October Year 6 visit Dunfield House, Herefordshire for a 4 day residential retreat. The focus is ‘Challenge and Change’. The children explore the amazing environment and work together to overcome team challenges. They also have opportunities to reflect on a spiritual level.

Through our Creative Curriculum, children are encouraged to reflect on the world in which they live and see how having a voice can make changes happen. The children learn about discrimination and freedom in our ‘Freedom’ topic. The children use drama to understand the plight of slaves during the height of the slave trade. The drama develops the children’s understanding and supports their writing. The children also use Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech as a starting point to write their own inspiration ‘dream’ speech. The children explore using digital images to symbolise freedom. During our second topic, the children learn about geographic features of France. They develop their French language skills and the historical past of France is also covered, and links to freedom are also included in their work. 

The children then move on and learn about World War II; both the ‘Home Front’ and the European events of this period. Our children dress as 1940s school children for an evacuee day. The children are able to explore primary and secondary resources, as well as experiencing an air-raid in the school hall! The children look at causes and effects that occurred during this period; once more links to the overlaying theme of freedom are made. Every year ‘The Young Shakespeare Company’ visit Year 6. They perform and explore one of Shakespeare’s plays. So far the children have focused their learning around Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night, Julius Caesar, A Midsummer’s Night Dream and The Tempest. Whichever play is viewed; the children use this as inspiration for the term’s writing. They write their own play script and this is then used as the Year 6 end of year production in the summer term. During this topic the children’s learning of the Tudor, previously covered in Year 5, is further developed through a focus on Elizabethan England.

Our final topic looks at transition and moving on to secondary school. Our focus text is Kensuke’s Kingdom by Micheal Morpurgo. The children learn about Fair Trade and what this means. We explore change, both physical and emotional in preparation for the big move. We aim to assist in making the transition from our school to their next school as smooth and stress free as possible.

Throughout the year the children’s core skills of writing, reading, maths and sciences are developed to ensure that they are able to leave St Anthony’s at national expected attainment for Year 6 children.

Our Curriculum Plan gives details of the areas of study and topics to be covered throughout the year.

Year 6 Curriculum Overview

Homework Planner

Year 6 - Advent Term